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Last updated on 30/11/2020 07:30 PM IST.
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Recently purchased Zebronics ZEB-Thunder Wireless BT headphones with mic at a crazy offer price of INR 599 via Amazon's lightning deal sale & here is my first impressions after using it for couple of days. Also stay tuned to ABN World where i will be posting a full review video after using it for a week.
Image - Zebronics ZEB-Thunder Headphones
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First Impressions
1. Build Quality & Comfort 
Build quality of the headphones feels very good which is completely made up of plastic as expected at this price point of under INR 900. The headphones offer pretty great comfort levels and the cushion of the ear-cups & headband is medium [not too hard to be uncomfortable] & can get used to after couple of days. The headband is also adjustable to provide comfortable fit and this design cover your ears fully to provide good passive noise cancellation
2. Features 
The headphone offers excellent features which include FM Radio, Micro SD card slot, Bluetooth 4.2 [Wireless], AUX [Wired], Call Function with mic & Media / Volume / Call Controls
3. Sound Quality 
The overall sound quality feels pretty great with pretty great bass, clear vocals, very good sound clarity & great volume levels.
4. Battery Life 
The first charge took approximately 2 hrs didn't time it exactly [claimed on the box is 1 hrs 30 min]. The battery life is rated at 9 hrs when listening at 50% volume but after the first charge after having to use it for around 6 hrs the battery life is still at 60% so the initial battery life feels excellent.

Price, Colors & Availability
Price [1] = Around INR 850 [price varies from INR 799 to INR 899].
Colors [4] = Black, Brown, Red & Blue.
Availability = Available via Flipkart = Shop Now & Amazon = Shop Now
Offer Price = Amazon lightning deal sale price of INR 599 only Shop Now [Lowest price ever]

Final Words
Q) What do i feel about Zebronics ZEB-Thunder Wireless BT headphones?
A) After my initial couple of days of using them these are great headphones which are steal for INR 599 & for this price i would easily recommend it.
Q) So what do you think of Zebronics ZEB-Thunder Wireless BT headphones?
A) Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 
That's it for this one, I hope you found this post helpful. 
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